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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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why oakland police need your help in solving a freeway shooting and what the victims brother said right after the incident. >> there is new development in a boating accident. the discovery made overnight that could permanently stop the search for victims. >> a series of apartment fires in san mateo county have investigators and red cross very busy. why the red cross is concerned about all the people displaced by these fires. >> important economic summit gets good news. the reason why world leaders are breathing a sigh of relief this morning. good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday morning june 18th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. how should you dress? steve knows.
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>> depends on where you are. >> too late for us. [ laughter ] >> if you are by the coast, you might want to bundle up. 50s and 60s there is a lot of low clouds and fog. very windy conditions for some. inland temps, once you get the heat, it's really tough to break it. when you get a southwest wind of 30 miles an hour at fairfield, that means temperatures will be coming down. upper 70s to low to mid 80s. here is sal. >> bay bridge getting a little bit of wear and tear. nothing major here. also this morning we are looking at 880 here in oakland that traffic looks good. let's go back to the desk. gunfire on an oakland freeway. it happened on interstate 580 at fruitvale avenue. tara moriarty is there at the shooting scene. >> reporter: we are waiting to hear from police if they have any description of the suspects getaway car. detectives were on scene for
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three hours last night. we are right next to the freeway where the shooting happened. that is where it all happened. emergency crews rushed the victim to the hospital last night. we're told he's in critical condition. it happened just before 11:00 last night. neighbors say they heard several rounds of gunfire and then the screeching sound of a car peeling away. witnesses 51 one man limped off the roadway and heard telling police they just took my brother. suspects were able to get away and the freeway was shut down until 2:20 p.o. this morning -- 2:30 this morning. traffic was backed up for more than three hours. the victim has not been identified. police are hoping the public will come forward with more details. if you saw anything you are urged to contact the oakland police department. we will stay on top of this and check in with police throughout the morning and let you know what they had to say about the case. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. we have new information on a deadly weekend boating accident in the delta. it happened early saturday morning in the small town of
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holt just outside of stockton. three oakland men were fishing when their boat flipped over. one man survived. search teams found the body of another man saturday afternoon. last night they found a second body. they cannot confirm it's the missing boater. his disappearance created a heartbreaking fathers day for his family in oakland. >> it's just way too much for this to happen. like right now. my father. i just spoke to my father. he was just here. he loves us all. he would not even call us for one day. he would not do that to us. >> investigators say the three boaters were not wearing life jackets. there is an important safety lesson tied to this tragedy. >> life jackets. there were enough life jackets for every person on board the boat. we found them floating in here. they do no good unless you are wearing them. >> the coroner has still not identified the body found on saturday. time is 6:03.
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happening right now a group of parents still camped out at lake view elementary school in oakland. we'll show you new video. here's some of the signs on the fences outside their encampment. look at this. the group has been there since friday afternoon when they hill a rally. they are protesting the closure of this school and others around the oakland school district. >> it's not just about this school, it's about the other four schools. five schools being posed on a thousand of our neediest children here in oakland. >> now this group says they will not leave until either the school is reopened or the school superintendent resigns. coming up for you at 6:34 we will take you back live to the scene where the parents there are now waking up. we'll find out more on what they plan too today. redwood city police say someone deliberately set last weeks fire at an apartment. between that fire and even bigger fire in burlingame the red cross is now experiencing a bit of a housing crunch. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie
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rasmus is in redwood city to explain. good morning. >> reporter: the fire that happened at this apartment building on redwood city has left the building structural unsound. there is a wooden board blocking the front entrance. the building has been red flagged. 259 people that live here can't come back. the red cross is still trying to find red term housing. they are right now being put up in hotels in the area. redwood city investigators confirm they are investigating this fire as arson. it started around midnight on wednesday and began with the fire in the carport in the back of the building. the flames spread through the rest of the eight unit building. no one was hurt. redwood city police are asking if they saw anything to contact them. now over the weekend the red cross responded to another apartment fire in san mateo county where more than 50 people were displaced. that fire happened late friday
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in burlingame. no one was hurt in that fire. investigators haven't released any information on the cause yet. the red cross says it is running out of space in the motel and hotels they contract with in the san mateo county area. because of all the people effected by these fires. and they add there have been three apartment fires in san mateo county in the past two weeks. live in burlingame allie rasmus. time is 6:05. san francisco's ethics commission will hear our opening arguments tomorrow in the case involving suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. mayor ed lee suspended the sheriff after they pled guilty to false imprisonment. tomorrow begins a three-day set of hearings. another three-day set could happen in july. the commission will make their recommendations to the board of supervisors. they have the final say. >> most european markets are showing gains as the greek election results trig aerorally. investors in the far east
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showing signs of release over the likelihood that the euro zone will stay together. overnight south korea, and australia finished the day nearly up 2%. japan and taiwan closed up 1.23%. president obama and other world leaders are gathering today in los cabos, new mexico. coming up why they are breathing a sigh of relief and the meeting that president obama has with one world leader tea. >> interesting. 6:07. hey, sal drivers behaving themselves at the toll plaza? >> there is a little bit of a backup. not too much. it's getting a little slower. it will start there. just a little bit of slowing for the cash payers. less so for fast track users and car poolers get into the city. the bridge itself is clear. you will be driving into fog in san francisco. also this morning we are
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looking at interstate 880 in oakland. not really low fog here. it's overcast. the traffic is moving well. no problems getting over to hegenberger road or that area. 580 looks good. we talked about san francisco there on the tenth street onramp to southbound 101 they are clearing a wreck there. nothing major for the freeway. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a very good morning. these were your temperatures on saturday. we will show you today as temperatures come down. i mean it was just cooking on saturday. livermore 106. now santa rosa the sonoma county airport will be 75. airport runs a little warmer. city was 86 on sat. san jose was 98 which i believe was a record high. 75 today livermore. coastal, fog, drizzle. it will be additional 5-10 degrees cooler inland. we'll continue that and just settle in. looks like upper 70s and low
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80s. unless you are really far away from any sea breeze. gust to 37 at travis. could be travis. south, southwest 22 at vacaville. vacaville gets that kind of a sea breeze, that is a howling sea breeze. 50s for most. and very, very low 60s. the low which gave us the offshore breeze is so far away that will turn more westerly. probably wednesday night and thursday and that will cool us down as we head toward the enof the week. windy at times. 50s, 60s, 70s or very low 80s. 70s for many. today in areas that were 90-100 still a tough call out toward antioch and brentwood.
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alameda 4:. danville 79. santa cruz 68. cupertino 77. low 70s mid 70s on the peninsula. 50s and 60s on the coast and in the city. not much has changed through probably wednesday. here comes that low on thursday. we level off and keep it right there into the weekend. a tennis player disqualified while playing in a finals of a tournament. the angry outburst that has prompted a police investigation. plus months of protests and rallies now paying off for some san francisco city employees. what the mayor just agreed to do. >> and the tragic death of a 13- year-old boy. what neighbors are doing to help his heartbroken family.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's 12 minutes after 6:00. the tragic death of a popular petaluma boy has brought one community together. 13-year-old trevor smith died friday morning while on his way to a birthday party at lake mendocino. the chp says he was killed while trying to help push a stranded car on the side of the highway. yesterday there was a neighborhood fundraiser to provide financial and emotional support for his devastated family. everyone remembers trevor as a happy fun loving boy. >> he was a kid i was always like get him off the wall in the backyard. crazy and fun. he really was a kid. everyone would say it but everyone says he was the life. >> organizers say yesterday's
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fundraiser raised more than $2800. trevor's brothers hope to set up a wrestling camp in their brother's honor. time now 6:13. new this morning the israeli military say it carried out an air strike against expected palestinian is. they were killed in that air strike as they were riding a motorcycle. this happened shortly after the militants infill straited israel from egypt. it's still not clear if it was retaliation for that. in egypt the muslim brotherhood declares its candidate won the presidential election there. now the returns are showing the muslim brotherhood candidate had 52% of the vote. he was running against the former prime minister to hosni mubarak. the egyptian leader that was forced out of power by pro democracy supporters.
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this morning egypt's ruling military council pledge it will honor its promise to hand over power to whoever is elected president by the end of the month. the final results of the elections are scheduled to be announced on thursday. president obama arrived in mexico last night for the g20 summit. as alison burns reports his call for a solution to europe's debt crisis is taking on more urgency. >> reporter: new fears about unemployment in the united states and our economic recovery has raised the stakes for president obama at this week's summit of world leaders. let's take a look at his arrival last night in los cabos, mexico. he will be pressing european leaders for more government penning. elections in greece have urged some fears about greece leaving the euro zone but there is still a loot of uncertainty about the impact of the european debt crisis. >> euro area remains key risk for our recovery and the global
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economy. >> reporter: today president obama also holds his first meeting with russian president vladimir putin since his election. now that meeting could produce a bigger headline today than the economic talks which are unlikely to produce any new action. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. in just about an hour republican presidential candidate mitt romney has a campaign event in wisconsin as part of his five-day bus tour. he is looking to capitalize on the big republican victory in wisconsin when governor scott walker survived a contentious recall election. wisconsin has not voted for a republican for president since 1984 but republicans sense an opportunity now that walker will remain in office. santa rosa police blame violent protests for a week brawl outside of a car show. police say the trouble started
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when a 40-year-old man got into a heated argument with members of a local street gang. that triggered a bigger fight that led to several injuries including the man and his teenage daughter. they are saying the fight is not directly connected to that car show. hundreds of jobs will be cut in san mateo county as a budget battle heats up. county officials will be meeting to talk about ways to save money after the construction of a new jail and other very expensive projects. the budget director recommends cutting more than 200 jobs. most are at a residential care facility in burlingame that is due to close next summer. san francisco mayor ed lee has reached labor agreements with 26 employee unions. the city controllers office says 18,000 city and county workers will get a combined pay raise of $41 million over the next two years. they will also get a 3% cost of
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living adjustment in two years. police in london are investigating an assault complaint filed against a professional tennis player for an incident that took place during a match. david was leading in the second set of the queens club final yesterday when he got angry and he did that. he kicked an advertising board. a piece of that board cut the line judge on his shin leaving a bloody inch long gash. he was disqualified for unsportsman like conduct and stripped of his prize money. time now 6:18. sal is back. if you're in the south basal knows all about your commute. >> we are starting off doing pretty well down there in san jose if you are driving in san jose or driving to the west valley from anywhere you can see the traffic is looking good. let me show you a picture of northbound 280 as you head up toward the commute. the traffic is moving along very nicely. also the morning commute looks good on westbound 580 from
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livermore through dublin to castro vally and no problems get -- valley and no problems getting to hayward. at the bay bridge toll plaza we are getting more of a crowd now. it's backed up for a little bit here. the metering lights have gone on and now the backup is ten minutes. let's go to steve. thank you. we do have big fog bank. much bigger today. yesterday it was mainly confined to the coast. still 90s inland. that will not be the case today unless you are really far inland. and you just don't get that sea breeze. low clouds and a really well pronounced sea breeze. busting up to 30-35. it's a west, southwest you name it it's all in place. low clouds are pushing locally inland. high pressure is losing its grip.
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breezy. windy in spots. this week looks like a stronger sea breeze. additional fog bank will ramp up wednesday night and thursday as the low approaches two of them. actually they are merging together on thursday andfully. there could be a few low its. not much changed tuesday into wednesday. here comes the system for a pretty good cool down. if temperatures well near average to below as we head toward the upcoming weekend. the results of the greek election boosted the price of crude oil. this morning oil was selling for more than $85 a barrel before slipping to just less than that mark in the first hour of trading. a list say the probailout vote has ignited what they call a relief rally. oil traders say they remain cautious as talks begin. bay area drivers getting a little bit of relief at the gas
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pump. price for a gallon of regular gas has dropped more than a dime in most cities. in oakland it's selling for a little more than $4 a gallon. as usual san francisco is the highest price at $4.15. santa rosa the lowest average price here at $3.99. time now 6:20. some rough ole feather -- some rough old feathers in vacaville. what is being planned now for critics that say lawmakers have laid an egg. >> trapped under a dresser for nearly four days. how an oregon woman was rescued. >> highway 4 getting a little slow here as you drive up to some areas. ♪
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good morning. it's a talented commute. westbound bay bridge. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well. there are no major problems. however it's getting busier by the minute here. time now 6:24. woman in oregon recovering after being trapped for four days under a dresser. her neighbors called sheriffs deputies to check on the 67- year-old woman friday. they hadn't seen her for
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several days. the deputies forced their way into her house. they found her trapped underneath the dresser. she had been trying to move it and the dresser fell on top of her. she did injure both of her legs. she was taken to a hospital. she is now recovering. >> the son of legendary rock star ozzy osbourne is dealing with a health diagnosis now. in an interview with people magazine, 26-year-old jack osbourne 51s he has multiple sclerosis. he says he was given the news in april just two weeks after his fiance gave birth to their new daughter. he is angry and concerned about what this will mean for his new daughter. the play cafe is a combination of coffee shop and playground. parents pay an entrance fee of $8 per child. for that parents get to play on
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the equipment. then the adults get to spent some timesharing parenting tips. >> they are a great place for parents to go. you want your kids to be able to do things and play. >> we have a lot of kids that come in han that are shy and they will warm up for awhile. they will sit at the table and see all the kids interacting and they will integrate themselves in with everyone else. >> the parents add the lattes, tea, and food are nice too. price they are reasonably priced. since they don't have to cook it gives hem more time to relax. the cliff house restaurant could get a new edition next month. there is a plan to build a wind turbine on to of the observation deck. the pilot project would last about three years. now while some say it's a great environmentally phrenly idea, others worry that 31-foot turbine could be an eyesore. the national park service wants
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public input on all of this before giving final approval. changes are being made to save woman whales. they want to change the shipping lanes to avoid areas where blue and hump back whales have been sighted. they also want to start a whale sighting network and work with port authorities to reduce ship noise. the superintendents will decide whether or not to move forward with the suggestions. a group of chicken owners wants to change law in vacaville that limits who can own chickens. the current law says chicken owners have to have an acre of land. the chicken owners say most homes don't have that much land so they can't legally keep their pets. the owners of the hens plan to address the vacaville city council later this month. they hope to have the law changed. 6:27. right now a group of parents are waking up outside of oakland's lake vowel moan tear school. these are live pictures where we are talking about.
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and they have no plans to leave until certain demands are met by the school district. >> a violent scene on a bay area freeway last night. we'll tell you what happened and why oakland police need your help. >> also in new york the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street. pam will have the early stock numbers.
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there it is right on time. the opening bell this morning. and a lot riding on that. we've had mix reaction to greek's election. greece's election over the week. that is citi bank. citi group that is president parent company. 200 years they have celebrating. they also celebrated their anniversary with a community day of service. i guess 100,000 employees spent the day giving back to their community and doing things around. that is very nice. nice way to celebrate the
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anniversary. again, we will see how our markets are reacting. most european markets up on the results of the elections in greece. we are heading down a little bit. dow jones. futures were indicating a lower opening but not a huge lot. which was a little bit of concern earlier this morning. >> all right we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. brand new day it's monday, june 18th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. time now 6:30. we begin with developing news. the chp is searching for suspects in a shooting that shut down an oakland freeway. it happened just before 11:00 last night on interstate 2580 at fruitvale avenue. tara moriarty joins us now from the shooting scene. tara. >> reporter: well, i just learned from some sources that this person who was shot last night was shot in the neck and is still living. if you take a look behind me
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you can see where this happened here. it's right above fruitvale solve. emergency crews rushed the victim to the hospital. he's in credit can condition. it happened just before 11:00 last night. neighbors say they heard several rounds of gunfire and then the sound of a quart speeding off. one man limped off the freeway and heard saying they just took my brother. the suspects were able to get away and the freeway was shut down for more than three hours while detectives gathered evidence. the traffic was backed up as you can imagine. i'm just receiving more information here. apparently the victim was just driving and the vehicle was hit several times. again that victim hit in the neck and police are hoping that someone will come forward. perhaps we can get a good description of the suspects getaway car. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. time now 6:32. in an exclusive interview with
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ktvu the parents of a three- year-old girl that drowned in san mateo are telling us about their daughter's short life. take a look at tatiana. that is her on the right. that is her twin brother deshawn. she walked out of her parents apartment and crossed 50 feet of a lawn to a nearby lagoon. that's where she was found floating, unresponsive. by the time she was pulled out of the water she had already died. >> it was very unfortunate but i believe now that she served her purpose in life and now god called her home. >> her family says that tatiana slipped out of the house even though the door and the gate were locked. now they want a fence to be put up around that lagoon to keep that tragedy from happening again. time is 6:33. you heard about the death of rodney king. tragic story. rodney king a legendary person in history because of a brutal
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beating by los angeles police. word came throne king passed a- - word came that rodney king passed away was found floating in his pool. what police are saying about rodney king and his legacy and what happened. jerry sandusky could present his side of the story today. this is new video of the former penn state assistant football coach arriving at court this morning. the defense suggested that sandusky may take the stand. an expert may also testify that jan dusky has a prosecution disorder. sandusky sexually abused them years ago he denies the allegations. jurors in the roger clemens trial has resumed deliberations this morning. the jury began deliberations last wednesday and then went on a four-daybreak. he is charged with lying to congress when he denied using steroids or human growth
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hormone. if convicted he will likely have to serve 15-21 months in prison. time is 6:34. this is now day three of a parent protest at lake view school. the parents are refusing to leave in an effort to keep the school from ever closing. paul chambers was there with more on what they are planning to do today. good morning, dave. they plan to have a protest. exactly how they feel about the 98-year-old school closing. love students keep their schools open. and if you can swing up the top of the stairs there is a banner asking for community support. now here's a look this morning behind that sign. when seven tents are set up with students, teachers, parents and community supporters sleeping. this all started on friday which was the last day of
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school. they hill a cookout and began occupying the school grounds. since then they have hill several rallies protesting the closure of this and for other schools. they are closing the five schools because of budget cuts and necessary to reduce the number of campuses. one man we spoke with this morning said he wants the district to to leave its resources in its neighborhood school. >> i went to this school and my mother worked here for 30 years. i feel like if i can't stand up for this issue, what can you stand up for? >> now the 300 students are being sent to other schools and 14 teachers are being sent elsewhere or leaving. the group here plans to start an informal summer school in about an hour and a half. we will be here for that. earlier they have a press conference scheduled for 10:00. as of right now it's a wait and see if they will remove the people from the campus. live in oakland i'm paul chambers. time now 6:36.
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the mount diablo school board meets today. they will be approving union contracts. as expected the board will approve deals with all of its unions to provide 3% one-time payments to reimburse school employees for furlough days that were taken last year. board members will also expect to appoint up to three elementary school principals, a vice principal and school support administrator. a $45 million improvement project on highway 101 is now finished. today is the first test of the stretch of highway at tully road in san jose. crews ated driving lanes, bicycle lanes, and improved bicycle lanes. this portion of the freeway was built in the 1950s and has not been improved since. time is 6:37, sal. i'm in a rush to get to the toll plaza. >> that is right. if you are driving to the toll
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plaza soon you will see slow traffic there for you. let's take a look it's crowded. it's not unusual but there is a crowd of 10-15 minutes if you are paying cash. car poolers will have a much better time. once you get on the bridge it's looking good. by the way in san francisco the fire department is looking for a small fire on southbound 101 near the 80 split. so that has been kind of a troubled freeway there. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. and if you are driving on 80 westbound that is a nice looking drive. also looking at 580 come into livermore. now at 6:38 let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. big fog bank. it's really ramped up. it has no problem moving in. set a nice picture from kathy twitter. fog move into napa. there is a lot of fog in the north bay and it's continuing to make a little bit of a push. these are the temperatures to
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the top on saturday. these are the temperatures today. they have come way down. that santa rosa is in town. 62 in san francisco after saturday's 86. 106 in livermore. today 80. san jose was 98 on saturday today 75. so coast, fog a lot of it maybe local drizzle. inland temps will cool down 5- 10 degrees. that is low 90s yesterday. today it's a lot more 70s and 80s. there is a howling turbo charge sea breeze out toward fair feel and vacaville. i've seen gusts to 39 miles an hour. it's all coming out of the west. 50s or upper 50s for most locations. 9 low which went right over us and gave us the offshore wind has moved so far away that has turned wind to go on shore. the direction wind is coming from. it's coming from the west. fog, sun, cooler. windy at times. local drizzle will give way to a lot of low clouds. 50s and 60s there. still 80s if you are far enough
6:40 am
inland or 90nd. again that is for areas that don't get a sea breeze. clear lake being one. vallejo and benicia at 70- degrees. 79 fairfield. it's tough once you get to the 100s. it's tough to break that down. we will go back in the 80s there. walnut creek no problem. 77. 64 alameda. pleasanton we will go 80. 75 san jose. 70s on the peninsula. mainly low but a lot of 50s and 60s. really not much changed through tuesday and wednesday. that low moves over us thursday for additional cooling and we settle in and level off. the x-factor preparing to head out of oakland. how you can catch the last show and get a clips of the phase mouse judges. >> a sears of apartment fires in san mateo county have fire investigators and the red cross very busy. why the red cross is worried about finding housing for all the people displaced. >> good morning.
6:41 am
westbound 24 looks a little more crowded. we'll tell you more about this and the rest of the commute.
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good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories i'm following for you right now. chp busy searching for suspects in a highway shooting. it happened shortly before 11:00 last night on 580 at
6:44 am
fruitvale avenue. the victim is in critical condition. we are still not sure what led up to the gunfire. >> for the third morning in a row there is this. a group of parents waking up at oakland's lake view elementary school. lake view is one of five schools that are closing because of budget cuts. the parents say they will not leave until either the school district reopens the schools or the school superintendent resigns. a boat that was carrying three oakland fishermen flipped over in stockton over the weekend. one fisherman survived. the body of another boater was found saturday afternoon. and then last night a second body was found but officials cannot confirm that body is connected to this boating tragedy. first an arsonist forced 25 people out half their homes then another fire displaced more than 50. san mateo county has run into a problem of housing.
6:45 am
allie rasmus joins us now with the latest problems rising. >> reporter: at least one of the fires are being investigated as arson. in fact it's the building behind us. the fire that destroyed this apartment building on wednesday began in one of the carports there in the back. the flames spread to the building and stretched across the driveway here. you can see where it burned part of the balcony. no wherein was hurt in this fire but 25 people were displaced. neighbor told us this morning that his neighbors are all still living in temporary housing and hoe tales. re wood city police say if they see anything suspicious about this to call them. the most recent one happened late friday night in burlingame. flames engulfed two apartment homes. there was smoke and damage throughout this building. over the weekend the red cross scrambled to find housing for
6:46 am
50 residence that were forced out of their homes because of this fire. they have not released any information on the cause. the red cross says it is running out of space and some of the hotels that it cracks with when they have to find housing for displaced residence because of all the housing they had. red cross representative they have a contingency in place. live in redwood city allie rasmus. more evacuations have been ordered for northern colorado as strong winds fuel the high park fire. the fire burning 15-miles west of fort collins is being called the states most disstruck --
6:47 am
december distrucktive. in new mexico the little bear fire has burned more than 40,000 acres. despite the property loss firefighters say it's fortunate no one has tied or suffered serious injury. lightning strikes are being blamed for starting both of those fires. calm early morning conditions are helping crews get in front of a wild fire in san diego county. it's burning east of campo. it has burned 820-acres and 5% contained. coming up at 8:20 we will go live to the fire line there is. 6:47. it's the final day of the b- factor taping in oakland. x-factor judges they are going back to the oracle arena. according to the website there
6:48 am
are still tickets available to watch today's taping. next week the show will take its talent search to providence rhode island. autopsy will be performed today to determine the cause of death of rodney king. the man who's video tape beating by los angeles police triggered riots died yesterday morning at the age of 47. his fiance found them at the bottom of his swimming pool in rialto. tmz is reporting he had been drinking all day. toxicology testing is expected to take at least 6-8 weeks. >> does it a-- it does appear that he died of a drowning however they are investigating the incident and when mr. king was removed from the pool there was no obvious signs of trauma. >> back in 1991 amateur camera man recorded four white los angeles police officers beating rodney king more than 50 times
6:49 am
with their batons. at their trial three of the officers were acquitted. and then there were riots leading to 50 deaths and $1 billion in damage. rodney king was 47 years old. 6:48 is the time right now. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. sal. >> pam and dave, good morning once again. let's take a look at the pictures we have from our live camera network. looking at highway 24 not bad in lafayette. from walnut creek to oakland it has not been a terrible drive. the fog is not low enough to effect drivers here. if you are driving nearby on 680 it looks pretty good. highway 4 slow in antioch. so far not that bad in bay point. metering lights are on. traffic on the bridge looks good into the city. and if you are driving we talked about antioch and concord. i want to move the map over to western contra costa county. we are seeing slow traffic
6:50 am
there in pinole and richmond heading down to the berkeley area. 6:49 let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. a very good morning. very cloudy for many. low clouds and fog have come back in a big way. compared to sat where -- compared to saturday where it was hot. but fog increases or already increased. sunny, breezy, cooler today. more fog will be around today and tomorrow. thursday looks to be the coolest day of the week. then we will settle in for a pretty nice weekend. much, much cooler than what we had this past weekend. west, southwest at 25. gusts to 35. west, southwest sfo. west at oakland. north, northwest at napa. mainly 50s low to mid. few upper 50s. that is what will give us an even more significant cool down. there is a big fog bank out
6:51 am
there. foggy and breezy. days are very long. most locations will. that sea breeze is in place. week of more fog additional fog. 50s and 60s coast and bay. 70s and 80s. that is well inland. injures that don't get a sea breeze. clear lake being one. 73 petaluma. novato 74 degrees. it's a tough call out toward antioch and brentwood. i've seen projections a little cool and warm. but it will be noticeably cooler in the past couple of days. oakland 65. livermore 80. not much changed tuesday or wednesday. here comes that low. inland areas will continue to drop and we'll settle there and have a pretty nice week. >> thank you, steve. there is an unexpected sign the u.s. economy is getting better. the price of used cars starting
6:52 am
to fall. new report shows the wholesale price for used cars dropped 2%. that is because people are starting to buy new cars and trading in their old ones. when they were at their worst people opted for fixing up their old cars. microsoft is acting a lot like apple today. they scheduled a major announcement in los angeles. it will not reveal the exact time or location until later this morning. and it's not releasing any information about the topic. several sources report they will introduce a new tablet. we'll see. 6:52. something really string interrupted that trophy presentation at the u.s. open. who jumped in front of the cameras as the winner webb simpson was celebrating his victory. >> today marks the start of one of san francisco's most famous celebrations. what the mayor is doing to kick off the event. america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices.
6:53 am
developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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6:55 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we want to take you right to wall street where the dow jones is down almost 50 points. the nasdaq and s & p about the same. still a lot of eyes on greece since the election saw a narrow victory for the new democracy party. so analyst watching closely to
6:56 am
see if this will solve the problem, get closer to, or make it worse. >> all right, pam. time now 6:55. today is the start of san francisco pride week. mayor ed lee along with the grand marshals will lead the first official event this afternoon. they will raise the rainbow flag over city hall at 4:45 this afternoon. the big pride parade take place on sunday. >> the special olympics torch begins a bay area tour from 20 minutes from now. the law enforcement torch run begins at 7:15 in newark. at 9:30 the torch will be passed to livermore police department. meantime the flame of hope torch run begins in san francisco union square. then an hour later bart police in hayward will start the torch on a run to the castro valley and bay area bart stations. special olympics will be held in uc davis on friday. >> webb simpson is the new golf champion.
6:57 am
he won his first major yesterday. he shot a two under 68 in the final round. then he had to wait to see if his score would hold up. >> i never really wrapped my eye around winning. this place is so demanding. and so all i was concerned about was keeping the ball in front of me and make pars. >> tiger woods was tied at the top of the leader board on the start of saturday's third round but finished tied for 21st. >> webb simpson will remember his first major win for a strange moment during the trophy presentation. >> start but i knew that -- >> i'm not making this up. a fan dressed in a union jack, knit cap jumped in front of the camera and crowed like a bird as bob interviewed simpson. he was quickly pulled away. simpson didn't know if that was part of the deal. well we have complete coverage of the u.s. open on our channel
6:58 am
2 website it includes pictures from the entire golf tournament. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> the toll plaza getting busier as you get to the # hour. get to the 7:00 hour. it will be slow. also the morning commute will be busy in san jose along 101 especially between 285 and -- 280 and 880 heading north. fog means cooler if person. but a lot of 60s and 70s today. >> all right. coming up on mornings on 2 gunfire on the highway shut down an oakland freeway. the chp wants your help. >> protesting parents the two things that would end a marathon demonstration outside of an east bay school.
6:59 am
must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end. back in '08, we didn't have these u-verse wireless receivers that let you move the tv around wherever. no siree, bob. who's bob? and if you didn't have a tv outlet, well then you couldn't watch diddly-squat. you talk a lot. you have no idea how good you have it. that's not working. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] get a wireless receiver in time for the olympic games. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. rethink possible.


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